Skin Care
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A Constant Quest for the Best in Skin Care


Our Story Begins in the Miracle Mile District in Los Angeles, CA
       It was there that Niloufar Gorman L.Ac., MSOM, Ph.D(c)., while doing research for her PhD dissertation on non-surgical facelift via acupuncture, opened Biovisage Clinic the first nonsurgical facelift clinic in the United States (featured in the Robb Report, Los Angeles Magazine, and KCOP Channel 13 news among others). With her background in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics (her pre-med major at UCLA), and her training in Herbology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, she started formulating herbal-botanical products to suit her patients’ skin care needs.
       With the remarkable success she found in treating her patients’ skin ailments, she knew she could help more than just her patients and decided to make her BIOVISAGE™ skin care formulations available to everyone. Her love of helping her patients led her, along with her husband, to start a cosmetic company. With the help of talented, professional and ethical cosmetic chemists and formulators, as well as her own herbal formulating knowledge, BIOVISAGE™ skin care was born.
        At BIOVISAGE™ we believe that with the help of Herbology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and the latest in science, our cosmetic skin care formulations are a natural, healthy, and powerful way to alleviate skin disorders including acne, rosacea, dry damaged skin, and aging skin, as well as helping those blessed with problem free skin seeking to look their very best. Let us help you in your quest to look your very best.